Disclaimer This is my blog focused on my random interests. It doesn’t represent my employer’s views or anyone else’s. It’s my perspective and experience. If you don’t like that, you’re in the wrong place.

The blog

This is a place for me to blog about work, tech, coding, identity, economics, and things that make me sad. Stand by for more.

What’s with the name?

There are alot of Jasons out there. Any given team I’m on, I usually recieve a nickname to differentiate. There aren’t many Mugsys out there. Plus, I look good in a flat cap.

Career Me

I’m currently a Senior Software Engineer at Sovrn.  I’ve worked in software since 1999. The majority of my roles have been as a developer, but I’ve had many other positions/titles that have importanty sounding names like “SOA Architect”, “Client Services Architect”, “Framework Architect”, etc… I’m a software guy who understands the web, identity, and security, but can also be customer facing or discuss contracts with your legal team.

Where’s the code? Most of my career has been involved working in the corporate world where I was actively discouraged from working on open source or outside work. So, most of my code is an aerospace or banking app and will never seen the light of day.  

At Ping Identity, I built an SDK to the PingAccess product and did a live coding demo at CIS 2014.

Here's the fork of the github demo.

Fiction Writing Me

I love writing fiction and non-fiction